There is a bit of confusion concerning which pink flamingos we sell.  I have decided to post an image to help our customers out.  You will notice the birds that The Pink Flamingo Site sells are the tallest with the most detail and at a cost much lower than the competition. The reason is pretty straight forward in that we sell more pink flamingos than anyone & our prices are lower.Our flamingos are easy to identify.  It is the tall, good looking pink flamingo on the left.

Did I mention that our Classic Pink Flamingos or Featherstone Replicas are made completely in the United States of America and have been for over 40 years?

Why would you buy a cheaper, inferior Chinese 27-inch knock-off for more money?

If you live in America, consider supporting an American business.  In return, we will bend over backwards to save you money and justify your decision as patriotic and smart.