Bulk Pink Yard Flamingos Top Quality & Cheap

Pink Flamingos, Pink Lawn Flamingos come in all sizes and shapes. The best are made in the USA.

The two on the right are the new Premium Pink Flamingos, Cost about $ 195 including shipping for 50 painted flamingos. You can purchase these flamingos mixed 25 of each or all black beaked or all with the smile.

The 1 on the Left is the Classic flamingos which have more detail .  Cost Approx $238 including shipping.

The Economingo is the least expensive and stands approx 34 inches tall, Made in USA.

The Economingo is for those who have the passion for a fundraiser but do not want to spend a lot of money.  Use them all pink right out of the box or paint them yourself and save money. (Sharpie markers work great) Or have a contest to see who can create the best flamingo. As your fundraiser grows you can always add to your flock because the Economingos are made in Palm Springs, USA and are always in stock. The Economing sells for $169.99 for 50 including shipping. That is a savings of  $60 over the Classic. If you prefer the eyes and beak painted black or the smiling flamingos the cost is $195 including shipping, A savings of $40 over 50 Classic. If you prefer the detail of the Classic Flamingo we have those to.

Which ever you choose you can be assured of the best price at www.ThePinkFlamingoSite.com


Pink Flamingo Review #2

Pink Flamingos fundraisers are going strong,  There are also a good many FlamingoFlockings for birthdays, weddings and practical jokes.

The 3 main flamingos sold in bulk are

The Classic, a Featherstone replica made in the United States with very detailed beak and eyes.  The Classic stands 34 inches tall and  carries the classic flamingo look. This is the “Golden Bird” of flamingos and is very easy to install and retrieve. The product is available 90% of the time so adding to your flock is easily done at your convenience should you decide to reorder.

Sold by “ThePinkFlamingoSite.com”

The Fun Flamingos

Black eyes and beak the fun Flamingo stands 30 inches tall and is a cool hot pink color. this product is made in China but the quality is very good and the legs are very strong. Easy to place on lawns and remove quickly. Good value and great for fundraisers. Fun flamingos  are only available at certain times of the year but we carry a large inventory just for that purpose.

Sold by “ThePinkFlamingoSite.com”

The third Flamingo could easily be mistaken for a pink chicken because at 27 inches and with the head down it appears to be eating corn of the barnyard floor. This is the only flamingo with a snap on beak and felt pen eyes.  This model has short legs which are most difficult to install and a real pain if used for fundraisers. The manufacturer claims the flamingos are made in the USA but that is not entirely true as they import the plastic snap-on beaks.   If you are considering a fundraiser especially an annual event you  may (will )be  better off with another brand as this company seems to go out of business every year.

Not Sold by “ThePinkFlamingoSite.com”