Buy Pink Yard Flamingo At Lowest Cost

The secret to buying pink flamingos at the lowest cost is to know what you want.  Top fundraisers know that the taller the flamingo the higher the donation. If your flamingos are not 30 inches or taller you might as well sell candy bars said one top producer.  30 inch Fun Flamingos, Lowest cost for a painted flamingo. A First impression that gets their attention!

30 Economingos, 34 inches tall and the lowest cost flamingos anywhere.  These flamingos are all pink. paint them if you like or use them right out of the box. Economingos  have no paint so no damage when used over and over.Premium Flamingo on the left and Economingo on the right. Premium Flamingos and Economingos are made in the USA and the finest quality you will find. Approx 34 inches tall and made to last.