Pink Yard Flamingos In Bulk, Best Fundraiser!

Here is an idea for a fundraiser using pink flamingos.  Most flamingo fundraisers place a flock of Pink Flamingos on the lawn and then request donations to remove them, and an additional dollar amount to place them on another “victim’s” lawn.

Here is a second fundraising method that we have seen work extremely well. Have a contest with a prize.  Purchase 45 or more unpainted “Economingos” and sell them for $10 to $25, or for as much as you think people will pay, to individuals of your group or church, fellow employees or school class. Each contestant will then paint and dress up their flamingo or flamingos to some agreed-upon theme.  Ideas include tropical, Christmas, Halloween, or whatever theme the group decides on. On the appointed day or evening, when everyone has gathered together, have a vote to decide who has the best-dressed flamingo.  The prize is then awarded to the person whose flamingo has garnered the most votes. The prize could be a donated gift, or service from a business or individual, or even a portion of the sales.  Once the contest is over, the flamingos can be placed up for auction and all the proceeds used for the charity or cause.

Economingos are only sold by ThePinkFlamingoSite and are one of the best values because they are not painted, giving folks a chance to decorate them in any way the choose.