Pink Yard Flamingos For Fundraisers

We are often asked what is the best deal going for a flocking fundraiser. Hands down the Pink Flamingo Twirlers. You receive almost twice as many than anywhere else online and if you buy the 54 pack of Flamingo Twirlers for $124.95 you also receive 2 “You’ve Been Flocked” yard signs. and 24 inch galvanized steel legs instead of 20 inch legs.

A Happy Birthday Flocking They Won’t Forget!


A pink flamingo flocking is a great way to celebrate someone’s birthday.  A birthday flocking usually takes place in front of the victim’s home or office, and is the most fun if it is a total surprise to the Flockee. A lawn display lets everyone in the neighborhood knows that it is someone’s birthday.  A flocking is simple to do and an event that the Flockee will never forget.

The idea of flocking someone probably did not originate with pink flamingos, but the pink birds seem to be the most popular flocking lawn ornament used today. There have been numerous other items that people have used, from gnomes to golf balls to grapefruit, whatever is handy and plentiful and available in the quantity needed.  Our favorite item, besides our Premium Pink Flamingos, is our new Outdoor Lawn Candle.

Don’t get me wrong, a pink flamingo flocking on someone’s birthday is an event that the Flockee will absolutely never forget, so it is definitely worth the money.  But if you want to celebrate someone’s birthday using something other than flamingos, consider our colorful Outdoor Candle Lawn Ornaments. The candles are less expensive, easier to store and they can be used over and over again to celebrate other family members’ or friends’ birthdays. Birthday candles have been around for a long time, but they are usually found on birthday cake, but using them on the lawn is new and exciting.  Imagine waking up to find 50 Birthday Candles on your milestone 50th birthday! The clients who have purchased and used the candles have sent us photographs and they have been really happy with the response from their Flockees. Standing almost 2-foot tall and double-sided with 8 different photo-quality images, Outdoor Candle Lawn Ornaments can be a fun way to celebrate a birthday.  Here is a photo from one of our clients and what she had to say.

Diane at The Pink Flamingo Site!

I am sharing a photo of your birthday candles on display for our daughter’s 18th birthday. All she said when she walked into the yard was, “Wow!” Talk about priceless!

Just fabulous!

Be well, Donna