Flamingo Fashion Show

Here is what one of our customers dreamed up for their RV Rally with friends and family. Participants had 48 hours to dress up their plastic pink flamingos, and just look at what crazy, zany and whacky costumes they came up with in such a short time. FANTASTIC. Pink flamingos make the perfect traveling companions, too. They NEVER complain and they know how to dress for the occasion. Thanks for sharing, Ardith.  What a great idea.  Terrific costumes by everyone. Remember, yard flamingos are the most popular fundraising tool going right now.  Tired of selling candy?  What better way to raise money than to have a pink flamingo flocking fundraiser. You won’t be disappointed and everyone will have fun, fun, fun!2013_0908HRRVC-Boothbay0070 2013_0908HRRVC-Boothbay0081