RV Rally and Pink Flamingo Fashion Show

Here is what our customer Ardith planned for their annual RV rally with friends and family: A flamingo fashion show.  With just 48 hours to prepare, just look at all the wonderfully wacky costumes these folks came up with for their feathered friends.  Great idea, Ardith, and thanks for sharing!  Plastic pink flamingos make great gifts, and are super popular for fundraising.  Get your pink flamingo flocking fundraiser started asap and check out all the fun

Flamingo Fashion Show

Here is what one of our customers dreamed up for their RV Rally with friends and family. Participants had 48 hours to dress up their plastic pink flamingos, and just look at what crazy, zany and whacky costumes they came up with in such a short time. FANTASTIC. Pink flamingos make the perfect traveling companions, too. They NEVER complain and they know how to dress for the occasion. Thanks for sharing, Ardith.  What a great idea.  Terrific costumes by everyone. Remember, yard flamingos are the most popular fundraising tool going right now.  Tired of selling candy?  What better way to raise money than to have a pink flamingo flocking fundraiser. You won’t be disappointed and everyone will have fun, fun, fun!2013_0908HRRVC-Boothbay0070 2013_0908HRRVC-Boothbay0081

Who Sells Cheapest Pink Yard Flamingos For Fundraisers?

Flamingo Fundraiser Winning Recipe.

34 inches Tall

34 inches Tall

1) Buy the best flamingos you can.

2) Insert on unsuspecting victims lawn.

3) Collect donation to move pesky pink birds to another unsuspecting victim’s lawn.

4) Repeat as necessarily.


Hello!!   My pink flamingos arrived and they are beautiful.  Lynn

You guys are flocking fabulous!!! ;)  Thanks for everything!!  Jenna

I am sharing a photo of your birthday candles on display for our daughter's 18th birthday.  
All she said when she walked into the yard was, "Wow!"  Talk about priceless! Just fabulous! Be well, Donna  

Sorry to interrupt your vacation and I really appreciate letting me know! Looking forward to them arriving!  
Your service has been great! Kara

Spoke to Travis on the phone, we really need these by next Friday.  Please ship ASAP!  You are wonderful.
These will be a hit for someone who really needs an uplifting! Thank you so much --- have no idea how much this means!!!