Yard Flamingos At The Cheapest Sale Price!


Pink Yard Flamingos that are 20% cheaper, on sale, is true value.  But there is more to the story than price. If the cost of different flamingos is the same or lower, and the flamingos are the same size and look as good as each other, then that is true comparison shopping. If you want to impress someone when asking for donations, then looks are everything. If you’re having a fundraiser, and you are very successful the first time out of the gate, chances are you will consider making your Pink Flamingo Flocking Fundraiser an annual event. Having good looking, durable Pink Flamingos is important ,just as is knowing that when you need to add more flamingos to your flock, the company is still in business to supply those flamingos.  Our flamingos are really good looking with bright beaks and eyes.  Our Premium Pink Flamingos are proudly manufactured by The Pink Flamingo Site in the USA and are only available on our site. Best of all, our prices are usually lower than our competitors’ by about 20% and no one carries the selection of combination packages that we do. Take a look at our Premium Pink Flamingos and decide for yourself which offers the best value.