Who Sells Cheapest Pink Yard Flamingos For Fundraisers?

Flamingo Fundraiser Winning Recipe.

34 inches Tall

34 inches Tall

1) Buy the best flamingos you can.

2) Insert on unsuspecting victims lawn.

3) Collect donation to move pesky pink birds to another unsuspecting victim’s lawn.

4) Repeat as necessarily.

Plastic Flamingos With Style & a Giant Sale

If you have never seen wildly painted flamingos check out our past blogs. If you are looking for terrific deals our store has 4 Premium A Pink Flamingos ( approx 34 inches tall) and 6 Pink Flamingos with twirling arms and a custom photo quality ” You’ve Been flocked ” sign for only $ 64.95

A Happy Birthday Flocking, Outdoor Birthday Candles, Happy Birthday Lawn Signs and maybe a few Pink Flamingos.

Every Happy Birthday party needs the right decor and we have developed an original product that really is awesome. There are many milestone birthdays where being surprised with a lawn full of signs would be fondly remembered. Turning 10,13,16,21 are just a few of the big birthdays kids look forward to but with a lawn full of surprise Premium Outdoor Candles and a Happy Birthday sign any birthday will be a big event. Outdoor candles and a Happy Birthday sign can also be a great gag for anyone turning any age. Let the whole world know when your spouse or best friend turns 50 or 60. Many friends try to one-up each other every year and putting candles out on their front lawn to celebrate their birthday is a tough act to follow especially if the whole world gets to see the candles and know that it is someones birthday. Our Premium Happy Birthday sign and Premium Outdoor Candles have high quality graphics on both sides and there are 8 different original candle images.   If sales are any indication many of our clients have started surprising their loved ones with our new Premium Outdoor Candles and Happy Birthday signs. The Candles are 22 inches tall and double sided with 8 original candle designs. The Happy Birthday Signs are 22 inches x 15 inches. and all of our products stand on galvanized steel legs. The great thing about candles is that they are made of durable outdoor plastic, the signs and candles easy to store an can be used over and over again and the metal stands are made of galvanized steel.

Yard Flamingos At The Cheapest Sale Price!


Pink Yard Flamingos that are 20% cheaper, on sale, is true value.  But there is more to the story than price. If the cost of different flamingos is the same or lower, and the flamingos are the same size and look as good as each other, then that is true comparison shopping. If you want to impress someone when asking for donations, then looks are everything. If you’re having a fundraiser, and you are very successful the first time out of the gate, chances are you will consider making your Pink Flamingo Flocking Fundraiser an annual event. Having good looking, durable Pink Flamingos is important ,just as is knowing that when you need to add more flamingos to your flock, the company is still in business to supply those flamingos.  Our flamingos are really good looking with bright beaks and eyes.  Our Premium Pink Flamingos are proudly manufactured by The Pink Flamingo Site in the USA and are only available on our site. Best of all, our prices are usually lower than our competitors’ by about 20% and no one carries the selection of combination packages that we do. Take a look at our Premium Pink Flamingos and decide for yourself which offers the best value.



Pink Flamingo Fundraiser Helps Kids Raise Money.

We recently sold a large flock of our Economingos to St. Mark Lutheran Church in Phoenix, Az.  The order was placed by Mike Edge, Director of Student Ministry.  This was not the first purchase of Pink Flamingos the church has made.  In fact, Mike was adding to an existing flock that had been used the prior year. Mike and I spoke on the phone for quite awhile, and I asked him about his prior fundraising experience with pink flamingos, how his fundraiser went and how long the fundraising event lasted.  Mike told me that they held last year’s fundraiser for only a couple of weeks and that the efforts were well received by their community. Their group raised approximately $1200.00 and the funds were used to benefit the youth group. Mike is a very amiable person and told me that it was okay to post his e-mail so that if anyone had any questions about his experience with a flocking fundraiser, he’d be happy to share.  If you would like to e-mail Mike at St. Mark Lutheran Church his email is: medge@stmarkphx.org.  St. Mark Lutheran Church is located at 3030 E Thunderbird Rd, Phoenix AZ 85032.


Mike’s account is fairly typical of a Pink Flamingo Fundraiser.  Holding any type of fundraiser for the first time may seem intimidating but the rewards of a Flamingo Fundraiser are worth it. Placing Pink Flamingos on someone’s lawn and getting a donation to remove them may seem like a whacky and crazy way to raise money but it works. Those who select this method of fundraising also have a lot more fun than selling candy bars or washing cars.  From the stories we hear, the people who are the recipients or “victims” of a flocking generally get a big kick out of seeing a flock of smiling Pink Flamingos spread out in their front yard, and they are more than willing to suggest other friends or acquaintances who might benefit from the same experience.


In addition, Pink Flamingos do not eat much, are easy to care for and can be used year after year. Although some of the Pink Flamingos may “fly off,” they are easy to replace. Having an annual event can become a good source of funds, especially when you consider there are plenty of prospective Flockees who could benefit from a good flocking and a good laugh.


Buy Pink Yard Flamingo At Lowest Cost

The secret to buying pink flamingos at the lowest cost is to know what you want.  Top fundraisers know that the taller the flamingo the higher the donation. If your flamingos are not 30 inches or taller you might as well sell candy bars said one top producer.  30 inch Fun Flamingos, Lowest cost for a painted flamingo. A First impression that gets their attention!

30 Economingos, 34 inches tall and the lowest cost flamingos anywhere.  These flamingos are all pink. paint them if you like or use them right out of the box. Economingos  have no paint so no damage when used over and over.Premium Flamingo on the left and Economingo on the right. Premium Flamingos and Economingos are made in the USA and the finest quality you will find. Approx 34 inches tall and made to last.

Bulk Pink Yard Flamingos Top Quality & Cheap

Pink Flamingos, Pink Lawn Flamingos come in all sizes and shapes. The best are made in the USA.

The two on the right are the new Premium Pink Flamingos, Cost about $ 195 including shipping for 50 painted flamingos. You can purchase these flamingos mixed 25 of each or all black beaked or all with the smile.

The 1 on the Left is the Classic flamingos which have more detail .  Cost Approx $238 including shipping.

The Economingo is the least expensive and stands approx 34 inches tall, Made in USA.

The Economingo is for those who have the passion for a fundraiser but do not want to spend a lot of money.  Use them all pink right out of the box or paint them yourself and save money. (Sharpie markers work great) Or have a contest to see who can create the best flamingo. As your fundraiser grows you can always add to your flock because the Economingos are made in Palm Springs, USA and are always in stock. The Economing sells for $169.99 for 50 including shipping. That is a savings of  $60 over the Classic. If you prefer the eyes and beak painted black or the smiling flamingos the cost is $195 including shipping, A savings of $40 over 50 Classic. If you prefer the detail of the Classic Flamingo we have those to.

Which ever you choose you can be assured of the best price at www.ThePinkFlamingoSite.com